Photographic Reproduction Restoration

The first time I ever did any photographic copy photo restoration was once I was concerning sixteen years recent. it absolutely was round the year 2000 and that i had travelled to go to my grandparents for per week.

I was trying around at a number of the photographs at my grandparents’ house and my granny happened to say the very fact that my grandfather’s oldsters ne’er had any photographs taken along. She then showed American state some photos of each of his oldsters and that i set to scan them and commit to mix them into one image.

In order to create this I Know restoration project happen, i used to be getting to got to extract my great-grandmother from a photograph and place her aboard my great-grandfather during a photograph of him standing during a corn field.

At the time I used to be conversant in Adobe Photoshop (I believe I had version five at the time), but I did not have the privilege of getting Photoshop with me at my grandparents’ house. All I had was good ol’ Microsoft Paint! It was quite the task, but I was able to get it done.


To this day, that photograph still hangs in my grandparents’ breakfast room in an 8 x 10 frame. I definitely wouldn’t say that this specific experience set me on a course to pursue photo restoration as a profession or even a hobby, but it did get me further interested in what could be done with Photoshop.

I would also say that another reason that I really became interested in photo restoration is because from time to time, my mother-in-law would ask me to do some work on photographs. There have been occasions in which she has wanted me to remove persons or objects from photos, restore faded photographs, and clean up old photos with a lot of markings on them.

One final thing I would say that has helped spark my interest in photo restoration is my strong interest in ancestry and genealogy. For some time I’ve really been interested in finding out where I come from and what people I have in my family that I never knew of. But when doing genealogy research, I come across new photos of my ancestors periodically. a number of these photos are not within the best form. It makes American state glad to possess the flexibility shut down these recent images associate degreed restore the image of an actual World Health Organization took half in creating you who you’re nowadays.

Daniel may be a photographic copy restoration specialist. He additionally runs a journal in conjunction with his I know restoration business. you’ll be able to realize a lot of concerning his work here:

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